First ever conference in Hamburg!


You guys cannot imagine how excited I am to be returning to my former home town Hamburg.


Next Thursday and Friday I will be moderating the first ever conference organized by the team who founded "" (an event format of which I am doing the Cologne chapter).

There will be 80+ speakers and 500+ attendees, lots of keynotes, debates and networking.

The whole conference will be held in English!

Here's the overall read thread of the conference:

SOCIETY DISRUPTED: The 1st 12MIN.ME Conference in Hamburg: Everybody talks about digital transformation, technology, disruption and innovation BUT where do we stand, what do we have to expect, which ethical considerations (should) go along with it and what does all that mean for society and for our daily life?

Please click here for all information or ask me if you have any questions about it.


See you in Hamburg?!

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