About me

Bremen - Dresden – Boston – London – New York – Bangkok – Algiers – Tunis – Jakarta – Istanbul – Istanbul – Bangkok – Hamburg - Shanghai - Cologne.

I am Meike Neitz, the owner of the communication consulting company "Die Zukunftsmanufaktur".

Born and raised in Bremen, my curiosity for new countries and cultures, craving for freedom and thirst for knowledge have determined my way of life and studies.

After a trip around the world and across the American continent after college, I applied for the BA in International Relations at the TU Dresden, a program which was still unique at that time. I was one of 34 selected students in 2005. After hours in the library, a year abroad at Boston College, many interesting courses, long seminars and intense debates about how the world works and thinks, I finished my degree.

To expose myself to communication while also satiating my interest in politics and business, I attended Goldsmiths College (University of London) and I graduated in Political Communications.

I first worked with the British research company Oxford Business Group. As a project manager initially based in Thailand, then in Algeria and Tunisia, I was responsible for compiling comprehensive annual economic reports from emerging markets. This work was about more than purely theoretical analysis: I built up and coordinated a competent team in a foreign country, creating the contextual concepts of the analyzed economic sectors and topics. I interviewed ministers and business heads, represented the company at conferences and events, organized strategic partnerships with governmental organizations and NGOs, and was responsible for public relations and marketing.

Meike Neitz with Madeleine Albright Meike Neitz with Madeleine Albright, ex-secretary od state in the US at Black Sea Energy & Economic Forum

In short: I combined at least 3 positions in one person, learned a lot, and loved doing everything at the same time. After my promotion to country director, I lived and worked in Indonesia and Thailand and was eventually sent to Istanbul for my final two projects.

While in Istanbul, I met Vural Öger. He managed to convince me to end my nomadic life and settle in Hamburg. I have said good-bye to work on the macro level and now focus on the micro: not business sectors, but companies.

As a career advisor, however, I ended up as a Director of Business Development & Communication again in an all-round role. I helped Vural build Öger Consulting, managed the entire online presence of the tourist group, and built the B2C area of his travel agency. Finally, we founded the Vural Öger Investment- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, which invested in start-ups on the German Shark Tank/Dragons My two years working with "Die Höhle der Löwen " exposed me to the start-up world.

Using my experience with these different career stages, I now advise start-up, medium and large companies on all questions concerning communication and innovation.

If you are interested in working with me, I look forward to hearing from you!

Meike Neitz