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Digital Transformation:
No company has dodged the new pressures of the digital age, but how can corporations avoid being left behind by the digital economy? How must they change structurally and in terms of content? Where should they look? Where should they move? Can new technologies really question all "old" industries?


Start-Up Scene in Germany:
How has the German start-up scene developed? Which start-ups should you consider? Who are the most important VCs? What are the trends?


PR & Business Communication:
Why does good PR succeed? How do startups attract media attention? What does storytelling really mean, and why is it relevant? What is a content strategy? How much social media does my company need, and should you consider?


What Groups can learn from Start-ups (and Vice Versa):
We have entered the era of collaboration. SMEs and large groups are in digital upheaval. Many wonder, what can we learn from the innovation, corporate culture and creative communication of young start-ups? How can we collaborate? Yet, start-ups also experience growth obstacles and problems where the expertise and the networks larger groups offer can prove helpful. So how can we combine "old and new"? What forms of collaboration exist? Which successful examples serve as role models? Which collaborations failed and why?


Career Jumping: Having a "colorful" vita:
I have never hidden my „colorful“ vita: Each step in my career has been very successful, although not always according to a classic career path. This is why I enjoy encouraging other all-rounders! But what are the advantages of working with career changers? Do they face unnecessary difficulty because of outdated assessment processes? How much do you have to fluff up your CV today? Are specialists or generalists in greater demand? Must you decide on one direction?


Female Entrepreneurship:
Unfortunately, there are very few female start-up founders. No wonder strong, courageous female entrepreneurs and role models are missing. How can we encourage female founders? What are the particularities of female entrepreneurship? How can female entrepreneurial potential be better promoted? Where are the role models?