Traditional PR is one of the key pillars of my work. If you are working on the German market, but are still barely visible in print media, I am happy to help: we can sit down together and work out what makes your company and you as an entrepreneur unique. What stories behind the company's founding, development and future vision could be of interest for journalists? Are you innovative, different, better? What are your expertise? I collaborate with a strong network of editors and multipliers to disseminate your story!


Market entry – Communication Strategy

The German market has a lot of potential: it is the largest and most buoyant market in Europe and is built on a strong middle class and solid entrepreneurship. But this market isn't always easy to navigate: consumers are sometimes skeptical of new concepts and products! This is public relations' role — the success of your market entry in Germany and other German-speaking countries is reliant, above all, on good communication, and good communication demands the ideal mix of content, creativity and technology. This is why I will elaborate a strategy and content with you and decide on suitable communication channels. Who are you? What do you do? Who do you want to reach? Should we organize a launch event, a press conference or just a press release? Do you have quality pictures and test products? Do the founders and managing directors participate in editorial visits? After these basic decisions are made, we will develop a comprehensive communication timetable for online, print and — if necessary —  live PR!



In my two years with " Die Höhle der Löwen" (the German version of Dragons Den from England and Shark Tank from the US) I have heard and evaluated hundreds of pitches. Start-ups who work with me benefit from this experience and have my support in formulating and presenting their pitches. When the decisive moment has come to speak to German, Swiss or Austrian investors, this content must be perfectly honed and presented in a clear way: Let us put the essence of you in a nutshell!


Content creation

As a passionate wordsmith, I frequently write blog posts, articles, speeches, interviews, press releases, pitch decks, company presentations, product descriptions and website text. I view topic diversity not as an obstacle, but as an opportunity - I am happy to learn about new fields! I will also gladly proofread texts written by you and give them the final touch.


Initial Business Contact

Are you a company with a great vision of the future that is currently expanding internationally and wants to conquer the German market? Are you seeking the right local partners, investors or traders? Don't hesitate to contact me. I will assess suitable strategic partners, introduce them to you, open doors and bring both sides together! Take advantage of my strong network and negotiation skills.